I may be blind, but I see more than most cats.

Colby Jack

 Character Type: RPC

Name: Colbyjack(CJ)
Name meaning: Named for Colbyjack cheese
Species: Mixbreed cat
Looks: CJ is a snowy white tom withfirey ginger patches and sightlessamber eyes. He has long fur, and a long bushy tail. He always has a cheesy(though cats call it milky, having no idea what cheese is) and herby sent about him. He has a very worn red kittypet collar, with an old jingle bell and two identification tags. They are all gold.
Personality: He is very kind to others, and always welcoming. He likes to help others, and will often happily listen to all your troubles, and try to help you. He has his own problems, though, and he never shares what's wrong. It's his secrect, and will probably never be told to anyone. This is bad, and can be the death of him. He loves his mate, Mysterysong, very much, and will anything for her, even if that means stepping out of that small comfort zone he has.

Theme song: Cold Cruel World by the Warren Brothers. 

colored by me useing GIMP

 Colored by me using paint

 coloer by me using GIMP

colored by me using GIMP


by me using mouse in GIMP

By me using Tablet in paint

 Thanks Tiger!

Thanks Northpaw!
ignore retarded poem. Made by me on paint :D

by Hauntedsoul :D Thanks so much!

 CJ as a kitten by Finch/Taz. Thankies!

me and my mate Mysterysong by Mysterysong :3

  another of CJ and Myst, by Myst =3A lineart of Myst and I, I colored it, and came up with the words.

 by jewelanother one of CJ and Myst. By Silk.Myst. Glad to be your cheese boy <3


 by silverstrip1 on DA=3

lineart colored by me =3

  by Lirrie

   lines colored by me